Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I am wonder woman.

At least that is the general feeling I have today.  My dearest friend in the whole world called me today and said, "Come over for dinner!  It's chicken pot pie!"  How can you say no to that!!  Seriously.  But I remembered that Hubby wanted to go out in the woods tonight after work and put up deer feeders.  So I told her I would have to check with him and call her back.  Sadness.  So, I had a BRILLIANT idea.  I called hubby and told him that I would go out into the woods today and put up the feeders for him, IF we could have dinner with said dearest friend.  Needless to say we are having chicken pot pie for dinner tonight and I just spent the last 2 hours out in the woods strapping large PVC pipe feeders to trees.  Then lifting 40 lb bags of corn over my head to fill them.  But it is done and they are in clear view of the hunting blinds but still a fair distance from them.  I even knocked over 2 dead saplings (taller than me mind you) to make sure there were clear, unobstructed views.  I AM WONDER WOMAN.  Oh, and as an update to my last post.... the kitchen has been clean since that day and the new rule is that all dishes must be at least in the dishwasher and the kitchen clean before bed.  No excuses.  It has REALLY helped.  And I have managed to check one or two little house projects off the list.  Today life is good.  And I am happy.  Have a happy day and good hunting.

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