Friday, May 25, 2007

Need a laugh?

This is one of my favorite pictures from our cruise!! We were in the middle of climbing a half mile up the side of a volcano and I was tired!! I can walk forever on flat ground, but when it's constant uphill.... well lets just say I need more practice for that. Anyway, I had sat down to try and catch my breath. And I guess Roy just decided that he needed a picture of me. At that point I was so not in the mood for pictures. But it made for a VERY funny pic.

I was a happy camper on the inside at that moment. It was a hard hike (for me at least). But the view at the top was worth it. And going down was WAY easier!

Friday, May 11, 2007

I made banana bread!!

I had a big bunch of little bananas and already had some in the freezer, so I thought I would try and make some banana bread. I haven't been much of a baker up to this point. Didn't really have that much free time. Have a bit more of that here. Anyway, I also thought it would make a tasty snack on the plane!!

And yes, it tastes just as yummy as it looks!! The bananas here are really good, very sweet and firm, even when they are over ripe. Wish I could send you guys some!! You'll just have to look though.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

I had a need... so I did it!!

That's right... I did it. All by myself. I only asked mom 1 question and the rest I did all by myself.

I was officially informed by Roy, my kind sweet loving husband, that a ratty old tank top and faded pair of boxer shorts do not count as an appropriate swim suit coverup on a cruise. Well, then what do I do. It's not like I can just run out to Wal-mart or Old Navy and pick something up!! And I haven't exactly found a sewing store here to buy a good pattern. AND we still haven't gotten our sea shipment yet, so no sewing machine even if I DID have a pattern. But.... I had a need. So, I thought if pioneer women could do it, surely I could. I went to the market on saturday and bought some fabric. Then I took that old ratty tank top and used it to trace a guide/pattern thing. Then I got really brave and CUT! (No going back now.) I spent each day this week sewing, by hand, and ironing and looking and adjusting and looking again and sewing some more. And NOW IT'S DONE!! It's not the best little dress I have ever seen, but I think it will pass for the cruise. And once we are back from the cruise and I have my stuff (aka my sewing machine) I will go back and reinforce every seam!! LOL!

Wednesday, May 2, 2007


I have been sternly reprimanded!! Several people have "gotten on to me" for not posting anything recently. Well.... I just haven't felt that there has been anything to tell really. And I haven't been out of the apartment much because of elections. It's been quite dull really.... (so there) Well yesterday something interesting finally happened. We had ordered some handcarved chests from an artist here and he delivered them!! We got 2 chests that will sit back to back and we will use them as a coffee table in our new apartment.

They are carved on 3 sides and the backs have a diamond pattern. One chest is carved with a village life scene and the other is a "foundation" scene. That means its a scene of the king and chiefs or elders at a celebration. Then Roy also purchased a few panels from him.
They are all pretty cool. The company is having our entertainment centers for the new apartments built buy the same guy. I think they will turn out really nice. So there is a post, now it's late and I am going to bed!! (I will try and do better this month... but no promises!!)