Monday, July 16, 2007

And finally.... the water park!

Saturday we went to Sun 'n Fun in Ponca City because Brandi had to go for her ASL class. They were having a deaf community fun day there and she was required to attend. She said usually there are a ton of people at these functions, but she thinks no one planned on it because of the rain. There were MAYBE 5 deaf people there. But we had a great time anyway! I was finally able to use my great new camera to its full extent!! Who else would be crazy enough to take their digital camera to a water park for all these great action shots!!

Underwater in the Lazy River.
Nate and Brandi coming off the mat ride. And by the way they almost ran over the two other little girls in the water. The girls had slid off their mat and were crawling back up mid slide to get back on it when Nate and Brandi rounded the corner and almost killed them!! Luckily all was well in the end.
This is a great shot!! This is a great big bucket of water that fills up slowly and then dumps MASSIVE amounts of water on anyone standing below. You can just see the water starting to pour out in this shot. It was perfect timing!!
And then, of course, the water logged aftermath. It is INTENSE. But you can tell by the look on Kit's face, WAY FUN!!
Nate really wins the prize for best splashes. He was also the most fun to double up on rides with!! You would go SUPA-FAST!!
I love the fact that this camera takes underwater pictures!! Sorry Brandi, it was just way to funny!!

The best though was being able to take pictures while I was on the slides!! Check out these action shots!! LOL

It was a GREAT FUN day, and I didn't even get sunburned!!

Great ways to kill time!!

Em and I have had a great time together. She went with me to visit Roy's parents and she went fishing at the lake. She caught 3 tree bass that day. This is a picture of her reeling one in and releasing it. (I think she kept catching the same one actually!! HA HA)

Then when we were at mom's house we found a GREAT way to spend the day was to go out to Perry Lake with a big drink from Sonic and just kick back on a raft and chill.

Before we knew it we had floated out to the middle of the lake!! You can see how far away and small the shore line looks in this picture. It took us almost 15 minutes of awkward paddling to get back to shore. But it was great fun!

P.S. Whoever invented recliner type floatie rafts with cup holders was a GENIUS!!

I miss my puppy!!

I went to see Loki while I was in Bartlesville. She was very happy to see me. I was very happy to see her. She seems to be very happy with the neighbors. I miss her very much, but I know that she is loved and taken care of. She will be very happy having Rosevelt (their dog) and their kids to play with. I LOVE YOU PUPPY DOG!

Here's another picture of the flooding

When I was in Bartlesville I was AMAZED at how high the water got. The flooding there was as bad as the big flood back in the 80's. This road was totally underwater the beginning of the week. By friday it had drained enough that we could drive down it. But you can see the dirty line in the trees where the water was.

That was at least 3-4 feet over the road. Crazy talk. Crazy talk.

And then there was the 4th of July...

I love Independence Day. You get to blow things up and watch other people blow things up!! And our friends are REALLY good at blowing things up! Every year out at their family farm, they blow up several thousand dollars worth of fireworks!! It's a ritual for them. And they invite EVERYONE they know! It was really good to see friends that I love and miss!

We love our Camilla!! Can you tell she misses me?

And of course Dean is still Dean!!!

And then they blew up the farm!! It was FANTASTIC!!

We love pirate parties and corsets!!

The first day of family reunion we had a birthday party for my little cousin. And it was PIRATE themed! My aunt was AWESOME and made corsets for all us pirate women!! We all had a great time!!

Emily's was made with "dragon skin".

Mom looks great and had great fun!!

It really was a great party! Lots of pirate themed games snacks and fun.

Time to fill you in...

I have been having a GRAND vacation and I have so much to tell. So I am going to divide it into sections and get it all caught up!!

Monday, July 2, 2007

I always wanted an indoor swimming pool!!

Just not really this way!

Last night mom opened the door to the basement and found that we have about 2 feet of water in the basement. Today has been the 20th straight day of rain. It seems to be flooding everywhere. I have never seen this much rain in Oklahoma before. Right now the Caney River is about 8 feet above flood stage. And it is still supposed to rise a little more before it crests today. Hopefully the rain will stop for a little while so that it can start to go down. I am worried about friends in Bartlesville. At 21 feet there will be major flooding there, and currently the river is at 20.8 feet. This is just crazy!