Thursday, January 6, 2011

Oh Well...

So much for blogging on a regular basis.  "The holidays were crazy... So much was going on..."  blah blah excuse excuse.  The honest truth is that I haven't trudged my butt up the stairs to my computer all that often in the last 2 months.  Oh well.  And I am not going to say "It's a new year, so lets make a fresh start" because I know I won't hold to it.  What I will say, it that when I have something blog worthy, I'll blog.

Today I am blogging because I am procrastinating other things.  Dishes, laundry, taking down Christmas (always so depressing), and finally emptying boxes into some cheap bookshelves.  (To be honest I REALLY want to do that last one, but I told myself I couldn't work on that one till some of the other things were done.  Especially the Christmas part.)

We are getting new neighbors.  The old neighbors moved out and in the process cleaned out their freezer.  Moving is always a good time to cleanse and purge.  Just make sure you are doing it in a responsible manner.  They did not.  If you put spoiled food out, be sure you bury it.  That way other animals won't find it and eat it.  Like my dogs who have had food poisoning for the last 2 days!!  It has been a yucky yucky mess over here.  I won't describe it, just use your imagination.  But I am excited to meet the new neighbors.  Maybe I will make some bread to take over to them tonight.

I got a new calling at church, Second Counselor in Primary.  I am really excited about it.  I will miss teaching Sunday School.  I was learning a lot doing that.  But Primary will be fun, and I LOVE kids.  Sunday was our first go at it as a new presidency.  It was a lot for the first day.  First Sunday of the new year, kids all changing classes, a new presidency and several new teachers.  But we survived Primary and Primary didn't implode!  I call that a great success!  And each week will get a little better.  Soon it'll be old hat and you will hear us say things like, "4 teachers are no-shows today, NO PROBLEM"  Well, maybe we won't say that exactly.  But I AM excited!

My sister is having a baby (probably next week) and then moving 1/2 way across the country the end of this month.  I don't think she knows how much I admire her strength.  When I heard all of that was happening all at the same time, I called her in a panic for her!!  I just knew she was going to be an emotional wreck.  (I would be.)  But she was calm and collected and almost excited.  She is a great mother and a strong strong woman.  Maybe one day I can be that strong.  I love you sister!

And on that note... I have dishes to do. (and laundry and Christmas and boxes.....)